Build a version of the world the way you see it with this wonderful cork map Pin Board.

It serves two brilliant purposes. Firstly it looks fabulous and complements any wall you stick it to, and also, you can use the push pins provided to attach photos, postcards, tickets and any other mementos of your travels. The cork board map helps you to create a unique and personalised world map!
Comes packaged in classic looking, natural recycled box.

It’s the best present a lover of travel could ask for!

For best results apply to a clean, non porous surface.

Materials : Cork – Adhesive

Dimensions : 80 x 40 x 0.5 cm

Self adhesive. Comes in 8 pieces
* Eco friendly
* Light weight
* Easy to pin things
* Mood board
* Easy to clean
* Nice in touch
* Easy to paint
* No Tree is cut down for it
* Doesn’t get scratched through time
* Not flammable
* 100% safe for children
* Doesn’t get ruined under water
* Doesn’t get deformed through time