Shipping & Return policy


1. Places of delivery

The deliveries are realized in Indonesia exclusively and worldwide on request (by email).

The delivery is assured(insured) by post Delivery with fast place of residence – delivery made by express national such as JNE.

2. Expenses of delivery

Delivery in Indonesia,  postal charges depends on the weight of your order and OFFERED from 1.000.000 rp of command(order).

Delivery deadlines is from 3 to 5 working days.

The amount of the delivery abroad varies according to the region of delivery. He(it) is indicated in the process of order.

The deadline(extension) depends on the region of delivery.

The Customer will be warned by successive e-mails of the various states of treatment of his order. He can consult the evolution of his order in the column My Account of the site From the expedition of his order, the Customer will have a number of follow-up of parcel which will allow him to follow its parcel on the site of the carrier.

4. Absence during the delivery

In case of absence of the Customer during the delivery, a phone call of the carrier is executed to verify the address and plan another delivery date and time. The parcel of the Customer will remain pending 15 days in the shipping company office. After this deadline, he(it) will be sent back(dismissed) to the sender. In this case, the Customer will have to pay the expenses of forwarding of the parcel if he asks for a new sending.

5. Reception of the parcel in the delivery

During the delivery, the Customer will have to verify the state of the packaging of the parcel and the contents of the command(order) according to the invoice delivered with the parcel and open the parcel in the presence of the carrier. If the parcel or the product is damaged, the Customer has the possibility of accepting or of refusing the parcel. In both cases, the Customer has to check(control) in front of the carrier the state of the parcel and emit(utter) reserves on the delivery note in case of damaged parcel / product ( s ). The Customer will have to then within manufactured 48 hours indicate him(it) by email in After this period and/or without reserves emitted(uttered) on the delivery note, the Customer cannot make any more of contesting concerning his delivery.

6. Delay in delivery cannot be held responsible for the overtaking of the maximum delivery deadline indicated on the web site The overtaking of delivery can give rise to no payment of damages. In case of delay, the Customer will have to get in touch with the Customer service of by email This complaint will allow in to proceed to an investigation with the carrier who can last at the most 21 working days. During this deadline, if the product is found, will reroute the product in the delivery address of the Customer indicated during the order. On the other hand, if the commanded product is not found at the end of this deadline, will proceed to a new expedition

Product return

1. Authorization of return

The customer has a deadline(extension) of 7 calendar days from the date of reception of his parcel, to return on his decision and turn(return) to his expenses the commanded(ordered) products and so obtain a refund(repayment). After this period the customer can benefit from an exchange with the same or another product or of valid credit note one the year.
Before any product return, the Customer necessarily has to contact beforehand Customer services by email: to obtain an authorization of return and acquaint with the procedure of return for all its efforts to allow the Customer to benefit from a treatment(processing) in the best deadline(extension). Watch out, the customer can turn(return) articles only if the labels of origin appear there always, if the goods underwent no deterioration of origin and in its entirety. This excludes every washed, carried(worn), modified, damaged product.

2. Sales Products

Sale items or on special offer cannot be paid off, only credit note corresponding to the price of the sale item excluding charges of delivery and of return will be proposed to the customer either the exchange of size of the same model.

Articles being the object of return must be sent by the customer to the following address :


Return service
150 Jalan Pantai Berawa – Unit 3
Canggu – Kuta Utara
Kab. Badung

Phone & Whatsapp : +62 821 441 235 94

Expenses and the risks bound(connected) to the forwarding are chargeable to the safe customer in case of error of delivery on behalf of Consequently, it is up to the customer to keep(preserve) all the proofs of this return. thus recommends strongly to his(her) customers to return products by sending with JNE or by any other way(means) allowing to bring certain date and proof of the forwarding.

After this period of 7 days, delivered articles will be considered corresponding and accepted by the customer, www.paperclip-store.comse will reserve the right(law) to refuse the exchange, the credit note or the refund(repayment).

Any order received for a maximum deadline (extension) of 60 working days, must be indicated in will proceed to a survey(investigation) with the concerned carrier.

A typing error of the delivery address by the Customer at the time of the recording of its order:

In this case, if the Customer wishes to maintain his order, he will have to indicate to the Customer service his corrected delivery address and pay the expenses of delivery of this new expedition.

– An error of preparation of order or distribution of the carrier :

If the Customer wishes to maintain his order, this one will be sent back to him free of charge.