Made Of Bamboo These Bamboo straws made by safe materials, no harm to people; They are suitable for both kids and adults, good for warm and icy cold drinks, water, coffee, soda, shakes, and smoothies, making them be your trusted, year-round drinking companion. Multi-purpose These bamboo straws as a cute addition to your tropical cocktail themed or party, BBQ, or wedding event, complementing your cocktails, exotic drinks; Easy to use, with a sleek and modern look, good for birthdays, family feasts, special occasions, parties, and everyday life. Good performance These bamboo straws are reusable; You can use them repeatedly instead of using disposable plastic straws, simply rinse them out after every use, or use cleaning brush; They can also be washed in the dishwasher Healthy teeth Drinking through a straw reduces the risk of long-term teeth damage - sugars and acids are sucked past the teeth! Perfect for avoiding stained teeth while drinking coffee or lime juice. Dimensions : 20 cm Material : Bamboo (straw) - Metal (brush)