It is known that music awakens emotions in all of us. Anger, motivation, sadness, joy, happiness, nostalgia. It is the same for cats!
Researchers have realized that the sounds that soothe our fur balls are those related to their first weeks of life such as purring, or various affections sounds
Thus, CDs have been developed especially for our feline friends and work perfectly for stressed cats!

This Blue cat puzzle is the best gift for family or friends, and the best choice for parent-child games ! It helps to cultivate patience, exercise willpower, cognitive logic skills and thinking skills, and relieve stress and emotions !

This is a completely fun puzzle, for beginners and experienced players equally. For the beginners, each piece has letters (A – F) in the back side to help classify the pieces in sections.

This 1000-pieces puzzle is made from cardboard, covered in an impermeable surface paper.

Coming in a natural cotton pouch, perfect to travel !