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Dimension : 65 cm diameter (25,6 inch) – pieces 2mm thickness

Material : Recyclable paper and carton – Cotton pouch

Pieces : 1 000 pieces – Difficulty : Medium

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Elephants have around 150,000 muscle units in their trunk. Their trunks are perhaps the most sensitive organ found in any mammal – Asian elephants have been seen to pick up a peanut, shell it, blow the shell out and eat the nut.,

This Elephant puzzle is the best gift for family or friends, and the best choice for parent-child games ! It helps to cultivate patience, exercise willpower, cognitive logic skills and thinking skills, and relieve stress and emotions !

This is a completely fun puzzle, for beginners and experienced players equally. For the beginners, each piece has letters (A – F) in the back side to help classify the pieces in sections.

This 1000-pieces puzzle is made from cardboard, covered in an impermeable surface paper.

Coming in a natural cotton pouch, perfect to travel !


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