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Dimension : 65 cm diameter (25,6 inch) – pieces 2mm thickness

Material :Recyclable paper and carton – Cotton pouch

Pieces : 1 000 pieces

Difficulty : Easy to medium

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This 1000-piece round Pantone colour palette puzzle is the perfect puzzle for those artistic souls who are obsessed with colour, or for those simply looking for something to help with stress management. The Pantone palette is known to have more than 3,000 colours and might just be the most colourful  puzzle in the world, drawing on the traditional rgb colour bases.

Let the vibrant colours combined with the stunning geometric configuration add a new dimension of lustre and inspiration to your space !

This Pantone puzzle is the best gift for family or friends, and the best choice for parent-child games ! It helps to cultivate patience, exercise willpower, cognitive logic skills and thinking skills, and relieve stress and emotions !

Coming in a natural cotton pouch, perfect to travel !


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